I Love You.


i cant wait to see MP, CL, VT, SF, SM, & BK.

P.S. sorry for not updating since forever !


2 more weeks & 2 more days ‘till school starts!! ): sad at the same time buht happy to (: excited to see my friends but sad that summers gonna end. summer has gone by pretty fast. summer has been pretty fun & boring at times. september 9th is the day so mark your calender! i love walking down the halls of JME. that school makes me laugh & smile bright everyday. hopefully this year will be the best year of JME. some people may no why but some people dont. & hopefully, i enjoy my friends and HOPEFULLY we can still stay connected right? *sigh* just hopefully! <3


GAAAAH. havent blog for a while. so sorry, been busy. but omfg!! i cut my hair today!! (: lol, but its short >.< hopefully i get to take a picture and show you guys!

"A rose to you &lt;3"

"A rose to you <3"


YAY! It’s alomst 4th of july and its almost independence day! What are you guys doing? Tell me (: Well, i gonna go on a road trip with the fam bam. & hopefully it’s gonna be exciting (:  AHH?! I’m excited if we go. PQ might go with us (: Hopefully, we get to see those beautiful fireworks up in the sky. I remember a couple years ago, there were so much colors shooting up the sky, & those “pop" & "boom" noise. They were loud, but still nice. I wish this year can have alot too. It’s the day before independence day so i can’t tell if theres gonna be alot or not. I wonder if there’s gonna be more people doing fireworks or more people going out to see fireworks. Well we’re gonna have to wake up at 6:00 tomorrow just because of the road trip ): Too early for me. I love fireworks! (:

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