I Love You.

OMG (:

YAY! I finally bought more skinny jeans! But omfg, 1 week of summer already past! ]: But hopefully, this summer can be way better than the last summer. So far, it’s been relaxing, what about your’s (: Ha’. You can always tell me on aim or myspace <3 Ask for it. (: Oh man, hopefully the weather can get much better. At times i wish it was relaxing & sometimes, super hot. (:

I don’t have a library card, But can i still check you out?

Bestfriends.. ]:

Summer is here, which means no more school! But that means i won’t be seeing some of my bestfriends anymore ‘cause there moving.. ]: About 3 if them are moving. I knew CL for 5 years. She’s the closest friend i’d ever had. I knew her ever since kindergarten & now she’s moving. OH MAN. *sigh.*

" That girl with the pink jacket (: "

" That girl with the pink jacket (: "

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